Saturday, November 27, 2010

Etegami experiment.

I thought I would try out a couple of the postcards I have for etegami  to see how they reacted to basically the same drawing.
The first one is the one I ordered from Japan which has quite a bit of 'bleed'.
I am learning to control it a bit better but still can't get that 'blobby' look, Maybe I just have to accept the fact that you have to be steeped in Japanese culture from birth to 'get it'
I do like the juxtaposition of words and pictures so I think I will persevere. Another thing is that I have hooked up with some Etegami bloggers in Japan and I am enjoying that interaction at the moment. It certainly seems to be an older persons 'sport'
The second card which I bought at Kinokuniya yesterday when I went to Sydney is more like a sheet of watercolour paper and it saps the colour right out of the ink. It came out more like a conventional watercolour.
I did receive a card yesterday from a lovely lady in Japan (etegaminikki) done on watercolour paper so I guess it is not unheard of to use it.
Stay tuned for exciting developments re my initial stamp .


  1. Looks good to me. I think "blobby" is okay when you're working with Washi paper.

  2. The Picture Letter of the Koala is good!

    I sent it today A stamp and a pictureletter
    And as for the Washi paper Postcard Which I made

  3. Oh, I love the top one, and the words are great. かわいい です-very cute!

  4. Today,I met シニアーsan.
    I asked him how to write comment.

  5. what a lovely design!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!