Thursday, May 7, 2015

Back to basics.

 I have long felt that tingle in the cerebellum signalling a need to get back into painting but this is a desire fraught with danger. One wrong stroke of the brush could leave me a whimpering mess. Drawing, doodling, a little half hearted watercolouring, all good, but when it comes to putting acrylic to to canvas?...there lies that nasty little bug in your brain called the EGO!
The logical answer to the problem was to start at the beginning and go on from there. So, this week marked the beginning of a daily painting exercise on very small, teeny tiny canvases (20 by 20 cm that's about eight inches for the non decimals amongst you). What to paint? well I am currently working through the contents of my refrigerator, hey fruits and vegetables are good for you right? Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday went sort of OK and today was my life drawing day but tomorrow I have a big decision, capsicum or lemons!
Sunday's one.

Today as mentioned was life drawing. The model was a particularly athletic young man with wonderful muscle definition, great to draw.
The craft cooperative operating out of our little shop is doing well, we are all bullish and everyone likes our new name "Fancy That", a name which clearly shows that even we are astonished at our audacious venture.


  1. Oh, wow! They look totally delicious and gorgeous. My mouth is watering. I'm amused that you painted the labels - our fruit is all battered and spotty with no labels, as it comes from the backyard. But they do make a really nice counterpoint of colour. I especially like the rich glazed shadows and the shiny highlights. I feel quite jealous. Can I hire you to illustrate my next book?

    1. I think you do alright on your own Miz McKinnon! BTW I dream about spotty fruit from the backyard, not much space on the balcony for an orchard 😢