Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Advantages to living small;

Perfumes fill the small space, flowers can be seen from all angles and things are readily at hand.....Disadvantages to living small; well apart from the obvious converse of the smell thing, I haven't found any yet.
Inspired by the perfume from some ripening peaches filling the apartment, the first of the season, I have been drawn back to the world of traditional etegami.
It is a darkish grey, rainy day, leavened only by a long walk to my favourite fabric store, listening to Herman Wouk's magnum opus "The Winds of War". The delectable smell of the peaches greeted me on my return and brightened my day. Summer is truly a'comin' in.


  1. Somehow you have got the feel of the rain into your picture alongside the perfume.
    I'm still enjoying thinking on the lovely day I had with you.
    Wonder what is your favourite fabric shop?
    Raining here too.

  2. Cant believe it is almost a week ago that we spent the time together. Don't know the name of the shop' they sell and repair sewing machines as well as sell fabric.