Thursday, October 31, 2013

Today's bird.

The little Blue or Fairy Wren is tiny but fierce, he protects his band of wife, daughters and immature  males with a pit bull like tenacity. He is not averse however to skipping the fence into another wren's territory, looking to spread his genes a little wider. The joke is on him thought, while unguarded his wife is known to stray as well! A frequent backyard visitor the wren shelters in bushy shrubs and provides hours of entertainment to those lucky enough to host them.
Not sure if the words would qualify as a haiku but that was the intention!

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  1. Cripes, how did I miss THREE posts? I am glad you're not finding the new digs boring... looks like you still have plenty of wildlife. Those fairy wrens are cheeky. We had a weekend in the country recently and they tried all day to get into the cabin, tapping on the glass! Love the bird stamps (and the turtle dove poem).