Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scents and Sensibilities

Here I am banging on again about the wonderful flower perfumes of Spring. Current favourite is the orange blossom.
We do have an orange tree which every year promises much with a snowstorm of delicately scented blossom. Does it deliver on those promises? It does not!  In five years of cosseting this tree it has returned exactly five oranges, nice oranges to be sure, but five?
I have resigned myself to growing it for the intoxicating scent which conjures up visions of Spring brides (orange blossom is traditionally worn as a headdress for weddings).
Usually the trees here are abuzz with a small army of droning bees but this year not, so I may have a go at hand pollinating and see if I can do better than them in getting the fruit to set.
While peering into a blossom I was struck by the difference it makes seeing something up really close and that led  me on then to thinking how we often hold opinions without really scrutinising  the opposing view, yes, my brain synapses misfire in this way occasionally. This kind of thinking is possibly a  natural follow-on from my helping daughter in law hand out how to vote pamphlets at the local municipal elections on Saturday. (She won a seat on the city Council by the way, yay Steph). I got a chance to talk to others handing out leaflets and they were actually quite nice people, no horns or pitchforks to be seen. The dyed in the wool arch conservatives however did not engage in any friendly banter and stood with faces like sucked lemons. Soooo, while I may examine my beliefs, I have decided there definitely is a line I will not cross!

A fairly obscure way of introducing this etegami but there you go!

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