Friday, September 14, 2012

Cupboard love.

"Cupboard love.
noun (Brit.)
affection that is feigned in order to obtain something."
No, no, no, not that kind of cupboard love, I mean I love a cupboard!
More specifically a particular cupboard and I definitely do not feign my affection for this little beauty.
Now I do like furniture (yes, weird I know but I can tell a Mies from an Ames from a Stickley from a Shaker at a thousand paces). However what I do like is Miniature furniture (did you know that  "minim"  is a red colouring used by the ancients and later used as a ground for miniature portraits and is actually calcined lead? but miniature comes from the Latin 'minima' meaning smallest, pedants may correct me as I am too lazy to check the facts!).
I digress, bear with me, I was expounding on my love of miniature furniture. I do have quite a collection of dollhouse pieces but what I really like are the oversized pieces which look charming mixed in with correctly scaled furniture. This long winded preamble brings me to the subject of this Birthday Present!
Number one son who shares many of my strange interests found a beautiful homemade Depression era cupboard painted that ubiquitous green  and knew instantly that I would love it and I do! Along with the cupboard came a set of china, again wildly out of scale but in my favourite stripe pattern (have I mentioned my obsession with stripes? I am nearly cured of it thank goodness but these are wonderful). The piece was clearly homemade for a lucky little girl at a time when money didn't grow on trees (or in the pockets of the wealthy even).
Without further ado, Ta Da!

The lemon inside is for scale.

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  1. Hi, Origame,
    Very cute. Thank you for sharing the interesting and funny info. But above all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Cheers, Sadami