Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Beautiful isn't it? I hadn't meant to get up to see this lovely sight but see it I did.

I have blogged before about the 18 year old dog I have who is so very demanding and quite unable to do anything for himself as he is both blind and deaf, well this morning he was almost dead too.
 Oh, he's still healthy enough but I was sorely tempted to strangle him! Usually the early morning shenanigans are left for the Prof to deal with but himself has gone off on a work related trip and come 5 am the dog started to miss him. His sense of smell is very keen (the dog's not the husband's) and he knows when his best mate is not around to do his bidding. Sometimes I am not considered a worthy substitute. Well it has been four hours of barking and scruffling around in the bed, being taken out for a wee, eating his breakfast, taking his medications etc, etc,....sorry, I'm going back to bed! Enjoy the sunrise!


  1. Hi,Carole,
    The story is a bit sad, but the photo is so beautiful. I feel like making it into watercolour.

  2. haha, poor dog but a pampered on...