Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A devil of a time.

Having a devil of a time would aptly describe my life at the moment so I thought this chap could help me sum it up.
The Tassie Devil beloved of cartoonists is under threat in the wild. A very nasty viral tumour which is spread by their feeding behaviour (biting, snatching, snarling...sounds like my house lol) attacks their faces causing  a painful death. If you are  sensitive don't Google images of the Devil as the pictures are really gross.
A few organizations are trying to isolate healthy populations and do captive breeding in the hopes that a cure will be found and healthy devils can be released back into the environment. I did this etegami using an image from this site.
http://www.tasmaniandevilpark.com/ I hope they do not mind as perhaps they will benefit from donations to the cause.

(Source; Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park)
Oh, and me? I am going this afternoon to have a tumour cut out of my back...not a result I might add of scratching, snarling or biting but rather sun exposure. Not happy!


  1. Awww, it's sad that these creatures are under threat in the wild. This is another great addition to your series, and hopefully it will benefit the cause.

  2. An important addition to your menagerie!

  3. Hi Carole
    Oh, it is so cute and you have drawn it so well. Good luck with the surgery (aahh, time difference, maybe it's happened already?). The Aussie sun is not kind. Take care, Evelyn