Saturday, May 14, 2011

The new reality

The new reality is that I am a 65 year old orphan...Blessed to have my mum for all of that time.
We buried her on wednesday in a short but moving ceremony held at the graveside. The day was sunny and cool and as with most funerals, relatives whom we had not seen for years appeared. At the wake we were able to catch up on the news happening in their families in the intervening years. Our son made the trip from Singapore and is staying for a few days which is lovely.
I returned home to the sight of my Tree Dahlia blooming in all of it's glory, something which will no doubt remind me of this time . Usually the plant is anything up to 4 metres high but this year it blew over in the wind and became tangled up with other plants to create a glorious mess. The dinner plate sized blooms last for a short time but are worth the wait.
I am keen to post some of the wonderful etegami etc that I have received recently so check back soon

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