Sunday, July 25, 2010

A green day.

Not much happening here today at "Casa Chaos", just mooching around my very damp garden and noticing the shades of green. Green flowers don't get the recognition they deserve, I love them and I found a couple  to photograph as well as some interesting greenish-white succulents. The first is zantedeschia "Green Goddess", a very robust and welcome addition to my pond where it sucks up the fish poo and grows like a weed! Of course it is not a true flower but a modified leaf. Thanks to Jan's friend Alan for the cutting.
The second rather snail eaten beauty is a common old orchid which I have had for years and which is the sole survivor of the the virus attack of a few years ago which destroyed all of my other orchids.
Moving away from flowers we have the variegated version of the common old jade plant or 'money tree' of Feng shui fame...hasn't worked for me I'm afraid and I have both kinds as well as all their cousins!
Lastly this is an image of an aeonium which turns this very pale shade in the winter giving the impression from a distance of greenish flowers. The rain has been constant this winter and on the days it doesn't rain it is gloomy, can't wait for summer.

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