Saturday, August 10, 2013

First you play...

and then you pay! A short break in Sydney last weekend left me with some much needed visual stimulation and unfortunately, a cold! It seems that crowds and I don't agree despite precautions, handwashing obsessively, avoiding obvious sneezers etc, it was almost inevitable that the lurgie would find me.
Apart from the obvious discomfort of the cold I have a feeling of being becalmed in a sea of stuff which must be dealt with before the big move... seven weeks and counting. Difficult to motivate oneself but the time does slip away. In preparation I am busying myself (if sitting on the couch and sewing and knitting can be called busy) with finishing up the backlog of crafty stuff I have managed to avoid. The tag ends of former obsessions, teddy bears, knitted bunnies and sock monkeys. I don't want to start the new life with a hoard of half finished projects cluttering up the place.
Sometimes I wonder about my liking for infantilia but mostly I just shrug it off as the end result of a deprived childhood and a liking for small things.
Another project this week has been to make cushions using some not too comfy feather pillows which should be perfect as they don't have the annoying habit of sliding off the leather couch. It gave me the chance to try out the look of stamped bees using a stamp I made for an etegami.
The linen fabric "took" the stamp well and as the ink is impossible to wash out of clothing, I am hoping it will survive on the pillows.
The weather was perfect in Sydney and I was able to make a few sketches in the Gardens and around the art gallery, heaven to be out in the sunshine with nothing else to do but sketch and look at art! I could get used to that.

This was the first outing for a new LAMY pen, very nice for thick and thin lines with the same instrument. So, no etegami today...maybe tomorrow.


  1. I love the creative uses to which you put your stamps! I hope you recover from your cold soon. :(

    1. Drat, I keep forgetting to make this a reply and then have to delete and retype.
      Thanks Debbie, sometimes I think I should be an anchorite and wall myself up somewhere to avoid infection. It would have to be a pretty big cave to keep all of my craft stuff though, oh and have internet access as well :).

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  3. Hope you are feeling better! Love the elegant bee motif....hmmm, inspiration for a future drapery project perhaps!

  4. ooh, I love the bee cushions. come to think of it, lots of your work would make nice fabric designs. Your grandchildren might like a bee T shirt! I recognise those Sydney ibises. They are very elegant.