Saturday, July 13, 2013

Star Trek, "To boldly go..."

Inspiration came this week while I was watching the latest Star Trek movie for the umpteenth time (yes I am a Trekkie and I loved the original TV series). I managed to extract several quotes that make perfect sense to me and it dawned on me that Mr Spock is one of the great philosophers, in fact I think he is probably behind all of those pithy motivational quotes one sees ricocheting around the internet. It is possible you know as he can time travel!
Seeing a very old Leonard Nimoy play the original Spock is a bit salutary when one thinks that when he was a young man I was a young woman. It must have been all of that time traveling that made him so wrinkly, I can't possibly have aged the same as he?
I am willing to bet, dollar that I am the first etegamist to use one of Mr Spock's epigrams on an etegami, any takers?
I married this saying with an image of one of the magnolias currently blooming in our part of the world. Perhaps because I think that all of nature is somewhat improbable, including that apex of creation the sloth (you though I was going to say man didn't you? but truly isn't the sloth just so cool?).
Maybe a sloth will feature in my next etegami, now how can I get one to hold still for long enough to be painted?
To round off the week, two etegamis of the same duck but different sentiments.


  1. Ahh yes, I love the logic of that quote too, except I believe it originates with Sherlock Holmes (or rather, Arthur Conan Doyle). And yes! Please paint a sloth. Please!

    1. Thank you Debbie, have you thought of a career as a fact checker?
      As to the sloth, I will book my passage to South America soon!

    2. I wouldn't have remembered except that I finished re-reading the entire Sherlock Holmes collection just recently.

  2. You're right, I remember that quote, too! Probably the writers of Star Trek pinched it for Spock to say. I love the magnolia and duck. And Ogden Nash's poem.