Friday, June 21, 2013

A miserable week.

Yes, it's cold, yes, it's wet and yes, I am still chewing on the malaise left by last week's excursion...but there is light at the end....etc.
All of which have left me in a rather philosophical state of mind and wanting to express myself in a Haikuish kind of way. The Prof says it is a bit late in life to start writing poetry, all the good poets died young to which I retorted "not the Haiku masters". This caused a minor choking incident  (tea inhaled can be quite distressing) but a hearty thump on the back got him back to his normal docile self and peace was restored in the household.
Stamp carving is a sovereign way to achieve that longed for state  where one's mind is totally engaged but not stressed...aaah peace!

As for the intrusively large name stamp, that is a result of ineptitude, not ego, I like the idea (a bean with the 'C' forming the dark embryo of the bean) but shall have to refine my carving techniques a little to scale it down a bit.


  1. Oh the Carole bean is a lovely human-bean!

    1. Carolyn, sometimes I feel more like Mr Bean!

  2. Hi, Carole, I hope you feel better soon. The post and the works are wonderful and humorous. I love them all. No late to start something. The worst thing is "never try" whole through a life.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  3. Carole, so many changes in your life since I last read your blog(I have been in an internet-free zone)! It is hard to leave a garden you've planted and cherished. Perhaps your etegami can be a sort of garden that you send around the world. I do love your stamps with their fresh colours and those subtle little lines around the outside that lend a sense of movement. The bean signature is nice - maybe you should go on using it but make bigger etegami to put it on!
    Oh blimey. We just got a new Prime Minister.