Monday, May 20, 2013

Karma Chameleon...

Well, the die is cast, the stage is (almost) set, the Rubicon is crossed (anyone got any more cliches?); on Saturday we are having the first open inspection of our house which is now officially for sale. It is about now that I am reviewing my past lives. No, not Shirley Maclaine type past lives but the different places I have lived and how I coped with them. From farm to town to city to university campus, to farmlet, to Research Station, to suburbia and  none of these have prepared me for the big change about to happen. A small two bedroom apartment, albeit with stunning views but with no place for a single op shop trinket.
I have now officially entered the "shedding" phase of my life. After a lifetime of accumulating it is a weird headspace to be in!
The question remains, can I fit into the rarefied atmosphere of what I have in the past gleefully called "the white shoe brigade", those retirees with their nautical themed clothing (navy and white, though they never sail) or will I still be the faded Hippy in the long skirts and the dangly beads and scarves? I leave you to guess.
Which brings me to today's etegami!


  1. Oh, humble Oregame, your extracts are not old cliches, but quite famous quotes(how clever you are! Sounds funny in that contex. Hahaha!) The etegami is brillinat. I hope you will enjoy life in more than ever in a new place. Thank u for the wonderful post!!
    Best wishes, Sadami

  2. It must be a wrench to let go of some things. But I hear that great clarity of thought is possible it a more rarified atmosphere. And you will have the sea before you ((-:

  3. A wonderfully written post and an etegami that perfectly shares this moment of vibrant transition...