Saturday, April 6, 2013

A bit of this and a bit of that and a whole lot of mess!

A fairly long break from blogging but I have not been idle.
Itchy feet ( ?) a change in health and the need to declutter have kept me busy. Almost fifty years of married life and I am horrified by the amount of 'stuff' we have accumulated. This is notwithstanding several major moves and previous attempts at clearing out our possessions.
What is exercising my mind at the moment is how to dispose of the many non valuable but sentimental items that I have inherited. I am sure  that neither of my children will want them, certainly the grandchildren will not but they do not fit into my contemplated future. Does one bite the bullet and cast them adrift or leave it to the next generation to do that? All of these things have become quite burdensome and one feels guilty to even think of giving them away. I am constantly reminded of that awful song by the very naughty Barry Humphries,'The Night We Burnt My Mother's Things".
We are currently searching for an apartment, with a view, to compensate for the loss of the garden. Believing as I do that I am quite an adaptable person I am sure nonetheless that I will have a balcony stuffed with plants as I go through the process of grieving for the garden. The Prof is completely oblivious of his surroundings and as long as there is a cup of tea and access to sports on cable TV he will be happy. You may wonder why we are thinking of the move but I have seen too many older friends sitting in a big house as the wind whistles through the deserted bedrooms and watching it slowly deteriorate around them. Better to jump than be pushed I say!
The changes may be in the medium to longer term as we hunt for the perfect place but in the meanwhile it is sooo good to toss things out!
A couple of etegami fitted in between slashing and shredding this week.

The Dog is a stamp and I tried many captions but I like this one best as it suits my present mood.


  1. Howling or singing? I hope you find your perfect apartment. Will you still be in Newcastle? In the mean time I hope the turning out of cupboards is cathartic. The last move we did we hired a skip and tossed lots of things we had carried from house to house. We still had essays from Uni days??!! I had my parents duplicate lecture notes -- in case they ever lost the originals! We started off carefully examining every item and reminiscing but ended up laughing hysterically and overarm bowling in stuff. In the meantime it's a joy to see your etegami and read your stories here and on the Fun Club page.

  2. This post describes my dilemma too perfectly for comfort. All I seem able to do is wring my hands in frustration. Maybe I can actually make progress when the weather warms up and I'm not in quite as much pain. But I think I told myself that last spring too...

  3. Hi, Oregame,
    Very practical approach and I admire your challenging spirit. BTW, When you do a garage sale, please let me know! I'll come FIRST!!
    Cheers, Sadami

  4. Too much stuff ... gosh tell me about it! I do feel for you contemplating the loss of a garden, though ... maybe you could have a balcony garden? If you throw out the Grommitt tea cosy, do throw it in my direction. I love the elegant chook with its sceptical 'flying?' - who needs it, right? Your autographed book is on the way, by the way!