Sunday, December 2, 2012

My "Hole in the Bucket" list!

Unaccustomed as I am to thinking, I have been thinking  lately about "the list" that many of my contemporaries speak of, "The Bucket List" which was popularized by the eponymous movie.
I use capitals to emphasize the fact that even to speak of things undone at this stage of life is to somehow express dissatisfaction with what has gone before. I have no such regrets, but it struck me that these lists always seem to include activities that rather than enhance life can seriously endanger it.
Being a risk averse being  my "Hole in the Bucket"list would include many of them; skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding, eating Krispy Kreme donuts, you get the picture? Happy to let these things drip out of my bucket. Perhaps it is because I manage to live so well in my imagination, a skill I think forced upon me by a wan and listless childhood.
To be surrounded by the people I love, flowers, pets and diversions I can enjoy at home, those are the things on my List.
Which brings me to the most dangerous activity I indulge in, a drive to the garden centre!


  1. "To be surrounded by the people I love, flowers, pets and diversions I can enjoy at home, those are the things on my List." So very well put. Thank you.

    1. I think we are coming from the same place Debbie, I thought of you while writing this post.

    2. Lovely post Carole! You have nailed it as usual. Why wish for stomach churning over exertion when we can just wish for more Fun Club mail, reading in bed and fruitcake?

  2. I'm with you on the Garden Centre. Yes, just try to get away without spending $100 on plants that you can't possibly squeeze into an already overcrowded garden! I agree, a full happy life needs no extra thrills. Or is that just a woman's point of view?

  3. Lovely card! My goodness I haven't been here in ages. It turns out there is not enough time in the day. But I will agree with the items you've chosen as those things worthy of our time. :)

    I can maybe help with a thing on your (potential) list, because Krispy Kreme donuts are really not all that great! It's a lot of sugar on a pretty good light donut. But nothing super amazing. Really! I know some people are weird about them, but just skip em. ;)