Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh wouldn't it be luvverly?

To kiss a frog and to find a prince puckered up to you? Well I kissed a prince 48 and a half years ago and while there are some froggy aspects to his character he is still a prince among men, cooking me a slap-up breakfast, doing the grocery shopping and generally making my return home pleasant. What more could I ask for. This ruminating (I know, confusing the issue, that's what cows do) has got me thinking about life from the frog's point of view, is the princess perfect? will she excuse him any lingering toadish tendencies? It is difficult sometimes especially after your prince retires from work and you are thrown together so much more, not to be annoyed by clothing on the floor, lights not switched off and constant football on the television. But beware you princesses out there, remember not to criticize (note to ones self) lest he turn into a toad once more!

PS It is so nice to be home!


  1. Hello Carole: I also have a lovely frog at home! And he too leaves his laundry everywhere, doesn't clean up his dishes, he snores and beyond what frogs do. I take that for granted because he is my frog and I love him!!!
    Your painted frog by the way is lovely!

  2. Welcome home, Carole. My deepest respect to both you and your prince.

  3. ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ·.•*•♫°•♫·.•ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ

  4. I would definitely kiss this frog. I'm not sure if you have caught a resemblance to Prof as I haven't seen him, but if he looks like this, you're a lucky woman!

  5. Like most portraits there is a little something wrong about the mouth! LOL!

  6. Hi Carole,

    It's Margie again. I had to come by and see this blog also. It's delightful. You do such a wonderful job with your etegami. So glad you are home and hopefully mended.