Saturday, January 15, 2011

Amazing handmade postcards

What a lovely surprise in the mail! A pack of blank postcards from 'senior', the Japanese guy who sent me the name stamps he carved for me to use on my etegami.
Along with the cards was another etegami he had painted of a Japanese Jomon clay figure, these figures are from a time in Japan's prehistory and are evidence of an ancient culture. What I like about his work is that they are obviously done by a man and show a strong character.
I have tried to use the paper with limited success, the texture is quite strong, my poor Kangaroo looks a little like a weasel! Did I mention before that he makes the paper from grasses?
It is one I did for New Year, sorry it is a little late! I shall practise on the cards some more when life returns to 'normal' around here
I hope my Japanese friends can understand the pathetic pun.
My dear Mum is still in hospital and I am afraid the effort of going in every day and the stress of seeing her in pain is telling on me. I do hope I am not heading for another 'tune-up' in hospital myself. That would be inconvenient to say the least.The Prof. is as usual doing a great job of holding the fort, he is not allowed to get sick!

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  1. Nice to see a roo on Japanese paper. I don't think I would mistake it for a weasel. The clay man is great too. Isn't it lovely to get unexpected things in the mail? I hope things will improve for you & your Mum.