Friday, August 6, 2010

Things that amused me today.

Maybe I am easily amused but this amused me.
Recently I have been following this blog and decided that I would try out the elegant art of Etegami. This lead to a trip to the art supply store in search of a bamboo pen.
The thing that amused me was the barcode on this ancient instrument, 100% bamboo , which has managed for centuries without a barcode.! Almost you could say an anachronism. Anyway, looking forward to trying it out and being frustrated at not being able to do as well as the inimitable Debbie. (Still looking for the washi paper postcards though.
Just to be going on with here is an image of my latest drawing,?collage? for my greeting cards. Hope you approve.


  1. LOL. The barcode on the bamboo pen certainly is amusing. That tool is utterly unlike the bamboo quill pen that I use-- in appearance anyway, though it probably functions the same. What fun to learn something new today! Thanks!

    Usually we start etegami with writing brushes. I didn't get introduced to bamboo quill pens until years later. Funny you should call etegami an elegant art. Here, it is considered a very folksy art, accessible to even the most awkward child.

    Thanks for the link and your blog comment!--Debbie

  2. Hello origa-me, thank you for visiting my blog! I remember Edward Ardizzone too - very scribbly drawings, heaps of character. I like very much your 'diary of a wasted life' & cactus pics. This card is extremely cute. Where do you sell them? Long live the wasted life.

  3. Being technologically illiterate I am trying to set up an Etsy shop,probably just for vanity publishing.I certainly don't expect to get rich LOL. BTW I am an Aussie also and that is the cutest Koala ever!