Sunday, May 23, 2010

A succulent obsession

Not food but plants, succulents are so easy to propagate and sometimes easy to grow so they fulfill many criteria, easy cheap and interesting.
Easy and cheap are both important to me because I have found them an ideal way to raise money for charity. This last year I wasn't able to have an annual sale  of plants as I usually do but they are still sitting in my yard growing their little hearts out and if I want I can just snap bits off and double the number I have to sell in the spring. To give you an idea of the variety you can get and the gorgeous colours (especially in the winter) here is a shot of some of my 'breeders', the ones I keep to take leaves and stems off. The Professor (my husband) hereinafter referred to as 'the Prof' thinks it is getting out of hand, but as I point out they are minimal care and don't mind a little neglect if I am out of action. My only problem now is there is nowhere to walk in the garden and some of the pots are literally climbing the walls. (Did I mention my bromeliad habit?)

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